The very heartbeat of a non-profit organization is its volunteers. While some charitable organizations offer food delivery and nourishment for their communities, Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago volunteers provide nourishment to hearts and souls.

Why You Are Needed

Many people think kosher foods are simply blessed by a rabbi, but there is much more involved in kosher food production. You can see why their prices prohibit many of our Chicago-area neighbors from traditional worship:

…Most reliable kosher agencies require full-time supervision for Passover production. And it’s not just for the finished product, but for each of its ingredients. Take, for example, that expensive bottle of ketchup. …Not only does the ketchup have to be made under full-time supervision for Passover, but so do the spices, vinegar, and oils that flavor it. …In just about all the cases, companies must clean production equipment thoroughly to get rid of any non-kosher-for-Passover ingredients.Benyamin Cohen

How We Benefit When You Volunteer

  • Our recipients say your smiling face and compassionate attitude lift their spirits.
  • When you tell others about volunteering, you act as a public relations asset!
  • You allow us to focus on our daily tasks when you focus on “the real work;” packaging and food delivery.
  • You keep us informed about people in the Jewish community who need our help.
  • You often bring new ideas and better ways of doing what we have done over 100 years.
  • Your energy invigorates us and inspires us to continue doing what we do.
  • Your feedback and suggestions help us help others.

This year our warehouse is located at  7080 N McCormick, in Lincolnwood.  We will be delivering enough food to feed over 15,000 people.  Please join us on March 25th!