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July 21, 2017
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“I’d like to – but I don’t have time!” Charitable organizations hear that phrase repeatedly, and it once meant, “You’re not one of my priorities.” In today’s technologically advanced, fast-paced world of today, it’s true: we really don’t have much time! Data indicates that we spend 30% of our lives getting dressed and preparing to leave the house (three percent of us take over an hour)! Or, you might have the time, but perhaps you have a physical disability that limits movement and travel. Maybe not leaving the house to help your charity is the solution.

Ways to Help from Home

You can “change the world in your pajamas,” says Help from! The website has ways to help your chosen charities, and you can even select the amount of time you have available – from under 1 minute to multiples of 30 minutes. Here are ways to help from home:

  • Do you speak another language? You can help charitable organizations with your translation skills!
  • People who are willing to answer surveys or contribute on a cellular level by donating tissue samples to research are needed. For example, you can volunteer for Jewish health clinical research.
  • Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur may be “end of summer” to many, but for Maot Chitim, they’re the beginning of a very busy year. To ensure our Chicago-area neighbors can worship with dignity, we need volunteers for meal deliveries. Can you dedicate a few hours to registering food packers/drivers?
  • Telephone counseling – Sometimes those in need want a friendly voice and a willing ear. You can call your charity’s recipients and ask how they are doing, family updates, etc. Be sure to provide what you learned to your charitable organization.
  • Telephone solicitation – Create a “script” and get its approval before you begin. Ask your charity to provide names and businesses to solicit, or create your list and have it approved. You can become a “telephone solicitor” for your organization!

Monetary donations continue to be the best help without volunteering. Contact us to learn more about ways to help Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago!

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