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February 02, 2017
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Keeping physically warm in winter is one thing but staying warm inside is something else entirely. It’s that warm feeling you get when you do something good for someone and it’s one way anyone can stay warm in winter.

1 out of 7 people are food insecure and 1 million homes in Illinois are on food stamps. There are hungry people throughout the entire city of Chicago that are just struggling day to day and their needs increase when it’s cold and winter stretches ahead. At Passover and other holidays it’s particularly difficult for the needy in the Jewish community to uphold traditions with dignity, unless they have some help.

Maot Chitim is a charity that assists needy members of the Greater Chicagoland Jewish community during Passover and High Holiday. Since 1908 the charity has provided food donations to help individuals and families to observe the holiday with dignity and keep the traditions in their daily lives.

There are hundreds of volunteers of all ages who help in the warehouse and deliver boxes feeding close to 12,000 people each holiday. Volunteers say how satisfying it is to do something for the Jewish community and how, when you drop a box off at someone’s home and they welcome you with a big smile it sets the whole tone for Passover. All members of a family often help out and parents say it’s very important for their children to see what it’s like to give back.

Volunteers also help with the making up of boxes and packing them and they start this work about three weeks before a holiday. It is only achievable through dedication and teamwork. As a volunteer you will be made most welcome. Why not join the team and experience for yourself the warmth these volunteers feel inside when they give up their time and receive such gratitude and thanks in return.

There are other ways of helping out too, such as donating to Maot Chitim. You can donate cash or with a credit card or check. It’s really easy and any amount will be much appreciated.

Leaving a legacy is a fantastic gift that would ensure a tradition of service to be passed down from generation to generation. Imagine how good that would make you feel, knowing you had created your Jewish legacy and helped to keep the strong Jewish values alive for future families and individuals.

Maot Chitim always need more people to assist and donate because, as a charity, everything they do is based on donations, so step up and volunteer. Stay warm inside in winter and you may find you get back more than you give.

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