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CBS Chicago Channel 2: Coverage of Maot Chitim’s delivery of Passover Meals to over 15,000 people in the Chicago area on April 10th.

A Documentary by a Northwestern student: Not even nasty Chicago weather can stop the 1,500 volunteers of Maot Chitim from delivering Passover food boxes to Chicagoland individuals and families in need. The entire process, from building and filling the boxes to delivering them, binds the community and gives everyone involved a feeling of pride and hope.
For over 100 years Maot Chitim has provided food to Chicagoland families in need during Passover and Rosh Hashanah.

What We Do

The mission of Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago, Inc. is to assist needy members of the Chicagoland community with Passover and The High Holidays and other food-related needs so they may observe the holidays and daily life in a traditional and dignified manner. The mission is also to provide a volunteer opportunity to unite all members of the Jewish community.

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