Ride for a cause!

At Maot Chitim we know that the best ways to give back are good for the community and good for the soul. Now, we are excited to present an opportunity that is also great for your health as well! The 2nd annual Midwest Charity Ride is a bike race for men of all levels to raise money and awareness for midwest charities, including Maot Chitim. This mitzvah is not only a fun way to unite in friendly competition but an opportunity to give to those in need. After a long year of isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic shedding light on our communities’ most prevalent issues, it is more important than ever for us to join together in acts of service that revitalize the community. What better way to do this than through a community bike ride.

Ride With Us!

Joining a charity race is an excellent way to better the community while also bettering one’s self. The health benefits of cycling are immense including increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength to decreased stress levels. Still, it is not always easy to maintain motivation. Participating in a charity ride provides that extra push and puts purpose behind your pedaling. In the MCRide, you will not only be biking for yourself, but for Maot Chitim and those we serve. This meaningful act of service does not end when you cross the finish line. Rather, your physical commitment to helping those in need has the powerful potential to inspire those around you. Proving that all you need to evoke real change is the passion and conviction to do good.

Ride for Yourself!

Aside from the satisfaction of a physical challenge and the joy of giving back, the most rewarding aspect of completing a charity bike ride is connecting with your fellow riders and their supporters as you strive towards a common goal of uplifting the community. Following the MCRide, there will be post-ride bbq to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of each participant and the differences they have made. We hope you will join our team in raising awareness and funds for these important causes!
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Ride for a cause

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