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Thankful for our Dedicated Supporters

At this time of year, as we are approaching Thanksgiving and continued uncertainty, we are reflecting on what we are thankful for. At Maot Chitim we continue to be thankful for our dedicated supporters. We are thankful that, with your help, we have continued to provide necessary food for our Jewish neighbors in need. We are well aware that we could not do this alone.   

You might be familiar with the buzz going on about Giving Tuesday. (aka #GivingTuesday) Five weeks from now, the whole country will be focusing on doing good deeds for others. It’s a wonderful “day” of giving that, fortunately for many, lasts through the end of December. In preparation for Giving Tuesday we are working on a new challenge. Double our database!   

Sharing is Caring

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Our goal is to double our database. We know that sounds huge, but look how easy this can be.  Since you’ve all taken the time to read this, we can safely assume that you have been quite loyal to our cause. What we are asking is for you to help spread the love with someone you know.  Your friends, your family, somebody you may have just met, someone you trust will care about our organization as much as you do. All you must to do is introduce them to Maot Chitim by sharing your story, your volunteer experiences, and/or why you donate to Maot Chitim.

Let’s get Social

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“Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and invite your friends to do the same.  Make sure to share our website and please subscribe to our newsletter and blog.  This way no one will miss out on the next volunteer opportunity and all the wonderful good deeds that take place. Your friends and family will be able to familiarize themselves with Maot Chitim and become a lifelong part of our community as well. If every dedicated supporter reading this invites one person into our family, we will double our database just like that. That’s the magic of “Sharing is Caring.” 

Be sure to stay connected to Maot Chitim as we will unveil our next volunteer opportunity very soon! (hint: Think Chanukah)

From our family to yours, stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for your continued dedication! 

Maot Chitm 

Most Jewish holidays are a cause for celebration. Usually, there’s lots of food involved. Tisha B’av, often described as the saddest day of the Jewish year, is an exception. It commemorates a series of tragedies that all happened to fall on the 9th day of Av, which falls on August 10th this year. To name a few, the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem and the expulsion of Jews from England and Spain all happened on this day. These disasters are commemorated by a day of mourning observed by fasting and reflecting on the tragic history of the day.  


Even though Tisha B’av is a solemn day, there is a silver lining. After every attempt to destroy the community and spirit of the Jewish people, they were resilient and continued with more bravery than ever before. When we mourn those who lost their lives, we should also be thankful for those who continued to be proud Jews even after relentless attacks. Thanks to them, we get to enjoy our thriving Jewish community today. 


No one should take their Jewish community for granted. Jewish people can find a lot of meaning in their lives by staying connected to their Jewish roots and traditions. Maot Chitim helps needy members of the Chicagoland Jewish community stay connected through the celebration of Jewish holidays. This Tisha B’av, please consider donating or planning to volunteer with us for our upcoming Rosh Hashanah delivery.