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December 12, 2017
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Everyone of us has faced challenges in our lives. Dealing with stressors in our fast-paced world is a challenge in and of itself, and for some people it seems as if “when it rains, it pours.” They feel as if they are getting pounded with problems, one after another. Even happy events – weddings, births, celebrations – can pose challenges and stress!

5 Questions for Challenging Times

Your perception is the key to turning life’s challenges into blessings, says Advanced Life Skills. This self-help guide suggests when faced with problems, ask yourself five questions:

1. What can I learn from this?

This challenge may offer value and opportunity; all you need do is look for it.

2. How can this strengthen me?

Problem-solving can be intimidating; when you realize you can handle this challenge, you’ll feel stronger and more confident.

3. How can I use this to my advantage?

Your solution may teach you a new way to achieve a goal.

4. How can I use this to help others?

Who’s watching? Your children, family, and/or friends may be motivated and inspired by your positive actions in the face of challenges.

5. What would make this a worthwhile experience?

The knowledge that you have choices can be an empowering, life-affirming blessing. Knowing that you’re able to respond to a situation rather than react is value-added.

We Can Be Blessings

For some people of our faith, every day is challenging, but there is something we can do: We can make it possible for them to worship with dignity and thanksgiving. Your monetary donation, no matter how small, can make this year’s Chanukah 8 blessing-filled days for those who cannot afford the foods and items needed for traditional worship. With your help, Maot Chitim volunteers can prove we care. Most importantly, Maot Chitim lets Chicago-area needful neighbors that they are not alone.

Together, we can face challenges as deep as the ocean
and as high as the sky.
-Sonia Gandhi

Call 847-674-3224 or contact Maot Chitim to learn more about ways to donate time and money.

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