There are many different types of volunteer activities. Some organizations require telephone or door-to-door solicitation while other charities request onsite assistance. For example, Maot Chitim will need volunteers (12 years and older) at this year’s Passover warehouse to assemble food boxes. (Children under 12 can help with the deliveries!) Just as there are types of charitable efforts, there are also types of volunteers. Which one of these volunteer personalities is yours?


You’re a good listener; taking care of people and pets just comes naturally to you! Because you are able to show empathy, you are an all-around super volunteer. Rather than working behind-the-scenes, you’re needed “in the trenches,” providing one-on-one caregiving to those in need.

Crafty Creator

“Form and function” might be your mantra. You have the imagination and organizational skills that lend themselves to arts and crafts. Whether you are coordinating a food drive or in the kitchen preparing foods by the gallons, overall presentation is always a factor for you!

Good Neighbor

You are all about helping your community. You prefer to donate your time and money to an organization that involves itself primarily with aiding needy locals.

Wise Owl

Learning and teaching are your strong suits! You might enjoy serving as the volunteer trainer, and when it comes to fundraising, your goal is to help others understand why their financial support is needed and how it will benefit the needy.

Charity Begins at Sweet Home Chicago

Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart.

-Elizabeth Andrew

For over a century, Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago has helped thousands of the Jewish community people practice our religious holidays with dignity. Traditional foods are sometimes too costly for elderly, jobless, or those suffering with poor health, and through charitable financial donations, assistance can be provided in the ways in which they will be most effective.

Call 847-674-3224 to learn more about how you can become a part of our charitable efforts in 2017. You can also contact us online or send a message with comments or questions.

Time is money.
-Benjamin Franklin

Your time is valuable, and when you can’t make financial charitable donations, the next best thing is donating time. Charitable volunteering is value-added! Charitable organizations like Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago need your skills every day to fulfill their mission.

For our organization, volunteering during the holidays is especially important. During Rosh Hashanah 2016 we fed more than 13,000 people! The 1st Seder of Passover is Monday, April 10, 2017, a time when we need more – more capital, more volunteers. Here are ways charitable donations and volunteering can benefit you:

  • “It takes a village.” When you tell friends and family about a worthy cause, they often want to become involved themselves.
  • By volunteering, you increase your network of like-minded people in business and in your personal life. It’s uplifting, too. When you are questioning your life and its purpose, nothing helps you re-focus like turning your heart toward others in need.
  • The National Institute of Health says charitable donations activate your brain’s pleasure centers. Simply put, helping others makes you feel better.
  • Tithing forces you to better manage your money! If you establish a monthly budget and dedicate an amount to your charity, your finances will become better organized.The same logic applies to volunteering your time.
  • Tzedakah is our way of life. Only 2 percent of the U.S. population is Jewish, but we account for 30% of the country’s charitable donations. Your financial support and volunteer efforts benefit people in need.
  • When you donate to an IRS-approved charity, you’ll get a tax break. Saving money on your taxes is always a good thing!
  • Your children are watching you. What better way to instill in them the desire to help the needy than to set an example of volunteering?

Maot Chitim is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible. There are several ways to help:

  • AmazonSmile
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Corporate matching gifts
  • Credit card
  • Donating your time

Call 847-674-3224 or contact Maot Chitim for information about how you can contribute to feeding Chicago-area needy. Consider volunteering or making charitable donations, as we’ve got opportunities for you to make a difference throughout the year!