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March 02, 2017
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Richard Bach said, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” One of the ways you can respect your elders, your family, and yourself is by discovering the paths your family followed throughout the ages.

Your Greatest Information Resource: Elders

You have an information source of knowledge that is greater than the Internet! The oldest members of your family hold the key to your history, traditions, and heritage. “There’s an undeniable strength in family stories,” says Dana Larsen of Senior Living magazine. Your family history creates stronger bonds between your past and your future.

Statistically, information about families is lost within three generations if it isn’t written down. Here are some of the topics you should discuss with your elders, and don’t forget to document what you learn in addition to sharing it verbally with your family:

  • Family of origin stories
  • Jobs and careers
  • Medical history
  • Personal history
  • Words of wisdom

Your heritage is like a puzzle. The pieces form a complete picture of you, your family, and the journeys that brought history to the present.

Leave a Legacy

When you share your family’s ancestry with younger family members, you leave them an inheritance that they can pass down to future generations. Your history will also continue to live long after you have died when you leave a legacy of hope for future generations by making a bequest or a planned donation to Maot Chitim. Your gift will ensure our 100 years of service to the Jewish community will endure for another century and beyond!

Your bequest will give others the gift of tradition and dignity with kosher foods for the holidays. It will help others to learn that Tzedakah is not just a financial donation – it’s a sharing of self with joy and happiness in the giving!

There are many ways to establish a future charitable gift to Maot Chitim. Call 847-674-3224 or contact us today! Your legacy for the future can someday restore Jewish values, ethics, and dignity to those who need it most.

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